SBE.DTU is an acronym for Society for Biological Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, and is is the largest organization for students with an interest in biotechnology in Denmark. We are working to fulfil the primary objective of our organization: To integrate biology, engineering, and innovation and create networks between students, university and industry, nationally as well as internationally.

SBE.DTU came to life through a statutory general assembly in the beginning of 2006, after a group of student lead by Professor Jens Nielsen (Director of Centre for Microbial Biotechnology at that time) and PhD student José Manuel Otero (Centre for Microbial Biotechnology) made an information campaign to tell about the parent body Society for Biological Engineering.
The aim is to inspire students to get involved in their studies, to aim higher and to think about their future. To meet the objectives and aims SBE.DTU arranges numerous events throughout the year. These events include: Lecture Sessions, Reach & Discover, Life Science & Beyond, Company visits, Master start-up and mentor programs. Everything is on a voluntary basis.
If you come to Denmark - and you want to integrate biology and engineering, as well as create a network within the biotech business (which you certainly will need), then SBE.DTU is ready to welcome you as a member.

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13. november - Come to Denmark and hear about all the research and possible projects at DTU.

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