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SBE Student Chapter Chalmers is an organization for everyone with an interest for biological engineering. We hope to spread joy and inspiration to our members, as well as new insights in the biotechnology field. Our chapter is a part of a world wide network with its core in the USA. This gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with a large part of the present and future industry of biological engineering.

We offer our members:

- participation in all our local and international events

- information about recent reseach from local scientists

- information on our local website, with updates from our student chapter activities

- network opportunities in the biotechnology field

- a platform for meeting new people, from professors and post docs to undergraduates

How to become a member

To become a member of SBE Student Chapter Chalmers, all you need to do is fill in the form to the right! Quick and easy.

But do not forget to also join the international SBE organization. Just fill in the application form here.

To get the most out of our student chapter, you should also be a member of  the international SBE organization. Visit their website here to get a closer look at what they do and a better picture of the entire SBE student chapter network.

Benefits of being a member of international SBE:

- An international professional network. Share ideas and experiences with your colleagues from around the world.

- Discounts on leading biological engineering conferences such as our series on biomolecular engineering, stem cell engineering, bioengineering, nanotechnology, and accelerating biopharmaceutical development, sustainability in (bio)pharmaceuticals, and electrofuels.

- News that is relevant and what you need to know. Members receive SBE's monthly e-newsletter and the semiannual BioSupplement to Chemical Engineering Progress.

- Access to first-hand information from academic and industry experts on the leading edge of biological engineering discovery and application.

- Monthly webinars, available live and on-demand, featuring cutting edge topics covered by the current experts in the field of bioengineering.

- A voice in education, employment and technology advancement topics.

Are there any membership fees?

SBE Student Chapter Chalmers membership:

It is free for everyone to join our student chapter.


SBE membership:

The dues for professional members and graduate students are 75 and 25 USD respectively. This is per year and is payed to the head SBE organization in the USA.