On the 4th of November a symposium will take place here at Chalmers, arranged by Molecular Frontiers. The topic is "sustainable energy solutions for the future" and the scientist invited to this event is very well known in this field. One of the speakers is Nobel Prize laureate Ada Yonath!
The event is free and all Chalmers students can attend, however you have to sign up soon. Deadline is the 19th of september. The free spots are limited so hurry!
Sign up here:


Dear SBE-members!

Would you like to hear one of the most influential scientists within molecular biology, protein folding and prion research present her work right here at Chalmers?

Then join in on Susan Lindquist's "free for all" closing lecture “From yeast cells to patient neurons: a powerful discovery platform for combatting neurodegenerative diseases” of the IMYA X conference arranged in Runan in the Student Union Building on Sunday May 18th at 11:15!

Take a break in exam studying and be inspired by a scientist who for example was awarded the prestigious price "National Medal of Science" by US president Barack Obama in 2010.
Hope to see you there, otherwise you will in a couple of weeks be able to read an interview performed by the SBE Board with Susan right here on our homepage!
Best regards,
The SBE Board

WEBINAR LUNCH 2014-05-14

It's time for the last webinar of the semster, and this time we will be watching a TED-talk on the understanding of diabetes. The talk is called "What if we're wrong about diabetes?" and is about 16 minutes long. Afterwards there will be time for discussion.

There will be lunch sandwiches for our members! First come first serve.

Time: 12:30
Place: KB lecture hall in the Chemistry Building at Chalmers University of Technology

Let's explore!

Today SBE elected a new board during the annual general meeting!

The board of 2014/2015 consists of:
President Kerstin Karlsson
Tresurer Amelie Andersson
Program comitee Amanda Ristinmaa, Sebastian Valenzuela and Marina Yaruta!

The board of 2013/2014 wishes them the best of luck!

Get on the iGEM team!

Are you interested in joining one of the worlds largest competitions in synthetic biology? Chalmers is new recruiting team members for taking part in the iGEM competition of 2014! Anybody, from 1st year bachelors to PhDs are eligible in applying, the only thing you neeed is a thriving interest! Tasks range from labwork, programming, and creating simulations/3D-animations, and the project work will take place from June-August at Chalmers. The finals (for a successful team) will take place in Boston, USA in November. Participants may apply for CNS and get credits for taking part. Apply within two weeks (at the latest!) by emailing:

Happy application! =)

/ SBE Board

Documentary Night
We are starting the new semester by hosting a movie night, were we will watch a interesting BBC documentary! We are not planning on having a discussion session afterwards but any comments are of course welcome!

We will be serving home made pastries for all our members!

Wednesday 5/2 17:45-19:30 (approximately)
KA lecture hall in the Chemistry Building

For those of you interested in applying for the new board there will be information about that before the movie, but you may also ask anyone in the current board if you have any questions, or send an email to

Academic Open Mic Night 20th of november 2013

  • The small but curious audience!
    The small but curious audience!
  • Henrik from Immunicum!
    Henrik from Immunicum!
  • Piotr talking!
    Piotr talking!

Welcome to The Chalmers Day – for a Sustainable Future on November 8th!
A day when we will discuss and reflect upon the consequences and the ethical issues which connects Chalmers and the responsibility of the engineer.

The main speaker, Martin Schibbye, will be talking aboutu the relationship between people, conflicts and technological development, and there will also be a panel discussion that SBEs own president Anna will be hosting - Don't miss this!

- What is the responsibility of the engineer? Should we do everything just because we can?
- Architecture as medicine – light and grass reduce compulsory care in the psychiatric sector.
- Designed traffic accidents – in the future; who decides how and when our cars will crash?
- Norway wants people to meet – with the aid of floating tunnels.
- Graphene - what is that really about?
- A broken heart doesn’t only exist in movies and songs – it actually happens.

You will also have the opportunity to ask Chalmers’ President and Vice Presidents what they mean by "Chalmers - for asustainable future".

Unfortunately the presentations and reflections are mostly held in Swedish.

Further information

Register (by November 1 at the latest)

Webinar Lunch!
This Wednesday the 9/10 at 12oo (pm) SBE are hosting a webinar lunch in KB in the Chemistry building at Chalmers. The talk, that lasts for about 17 minutes, has the subject "To upgrade a human", which we hope will lead to good and interesting discussions afterwards.

Bagels will be served for the first 20 attendats!
To be able to attend and recive a bagel, you must be a SBE member - but don't worry, it's free and you can become one on the spot!


Wednesday, 2nd of October, 17:30-19:30

KB lecture hall, Chemistry building


Come and be inspired by people that started off just like you!

The incredible Speakers are:

Carl Ternström – Double master degree in biotechnology
Carl attended the Material chemistry and Nanotechnology at Chalmers but decided to try out greener landscapes in the east. He is now working on a double master degree from Chalmers and his exchange university in Shanghai!

Nina Johansson – How to go from Pharma to Food to Green Chemicals
She has got experience from pharmaceutical research in the Netherlands, she knows how it is to perform a thesis at SIK (Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology), she has worked as a product developer at Arla, and can also tell you how she currently is attempting to produce green chemicals from yeast as a PhD at Chalmers.

iGEM-team of 2012 – How to take on a international challenge of synthetic biology
Do you want to know how it is to compete with the greatest synthetic biologists in the world, and how you can become a part of it? Come and listen to iGEM team 2012 from Chalmers: how to construct a yeast cell to become a pregnancy test!

Niklas Engström – From algael biofuels to detoxification of gluten
Niklas is a former biotechnology master student who performed his thesis about algae biofuels at SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden). After a period employed at SP as a testing engineer, he decided to perform a PhD at the division of Food Science back at Chalmers, aiming to reduce the allergenic effect of gluten.

Emma Wejedal – Company founder from GIBBS
With a bachelor in biotechnology in her back, she moved on to get more knowledge how to be an entrepreneur within the GIBBS program (Gothenburg International Bioscience Business School). It resulted in the company Monivent - a medtech company dedicated to improve the intensive care given to newborns.

Oscar Henriksson – Venture cup winning biotechnologist
A biotechnologist who knows what it takes to bring your ideas to the next level. He was one of the winners in Venture Cup West 2013 with his company Aquafundia, which aim to co-produce fish and vegetables in the cities for a more sustainable societal development.

We will be serving bagels to attendants that apply to the event on Facebook before the 30th of September HERE.

Inspiring conference: Materials for Tomorrow

The annual scientific conference on Materials for tomorrow is held on October the 1st and 2nd in the Student Union builing here at Chalmers, and you are most welcome to be there! The conference will cover two topics, Lightweight Materials and Materials for Health, with a wide range of applications and scientists from both Sweden and abroad will be there to spread their knowledge!

Finishing the first conference day there will be a poster session where PhD students will present their research.

The conference will be preceded by an exhibition on Sept 30, presenting materials science to the general public. School students and seniors will be invited to this exhibition, and popular science presentations will be given by our young researchers and students all day.

You are most welcome to join the lecture sessions, but the registration is unfortunately closed by now which means coffee and other meals can no longer be included.

The program can be found below.
The parallell sessions will be in RunAn and Palmstedtsalen, and the plenary lectures in RunAn.

Technology and Human Health: Advances in Systems Medicine

Would you like to kick-start the new semester with inspirational talks from scientists from both from industry and academics, from Sweden and abroad, on a FREE initiative seminar right here at Chalmers on the 29th of August?

The event is a full daylong conference with eight confirmed speakers, and both lunch and several coffee breaks will be free for the attendees. 30 seats will be reserved for students!

A main theme will be how to utilize big biological data sets to make sense out of diseased states of man, and two of the speakers are denoted Honorary Doctors at Chalmers, Mathias Uhlen and Bernhard Palsson.

Learn about the creation of the Human Protein Atlas

Mathias Uhlen leads the effort to map where in our bodies our genes are active. The genes' function is mainly to create proteins, and the question is where in our bodies the proteins are. The project is known as the Human Protein Atlas, one of Sweden's most extensive research projects ever.
Read more (in Swedish) here.

Green chemicals from microorganisms - possible with the help of computer models

Bernhard Palsson is a pioneer in microbial systems biology. Palsson and his team have developed computer models that revolutionize our understanding of microbial function. His talk focuses on the potential use of the models.
Watch an interview with Dr. Palsson here.

Schedule and registration can be found on the following links:
- Registration
- Program

In order to attend, register at the link above before the 22nd of August, and write "Student" in the affiliation-field. Don’t miss out on this chance to get insight into a new research field and talk to renowned speakers and scientists in person!

Hope to see you there!

SBE in association with;

Click here to read an interesting article about Lynn on NASAs website!

28-29 of May 2013

Exploring the Boundaries: the Science of the Extremes 

Extreme and sometimes even inhospital environments are being discovered on Earth and other planets. This is challenging our knowledge in some ways, but is also playing with our imagination on what is possible and what the future of different technologies might bring.

This seminar will explore the organisms of these extreme living conditions, that surprisingly enough not only survive but thrives in this kind of environments. The goal is further to broadly discuss the current view and future challenges and possibilities of Life and Exploration in extreme environment and how to involve the general public about this facinating topic and thereby promote the relevance of science and scientific education in all levels of the society.


This event is held at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, and registration is required but free of charge. Register HERE before the 21th of May.

Robert is also holding a seminar at 13:30 in KE called "Novel materials for controlled drug delivery and tissue engineering", where he will be talking about some of his scientific work. This lecture is followed by the career session held by SBE and anyone interested is welcome to come and listen to the first seminar as well.

Read an exciting article about Robert Langer here!

Langer article.pdf

Slideshow from our Academic Open Mic Night on the 11th of April!

  • Excited students
    Excited students
  • Interesting discussions
    Interesting discussions
  • Maria Abrahamsson
    Maria Abrahamsson
  • The live band
    The live band
  • Mingling
  • The board
    The board
  • The board
    The board
  • Mingling
  • Mingling
  • Marija Cvijovic
    Marija Cvijovic

Read about us in the latest issue of Kemivärlden Biotech!

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