SBE Chalmers is currently an inactive organization. Contact the board president for more details.

Welcome to the website of Society for Biological Engineering Student Chapter Chalmers. Here you can find information about the society and our partners, our coming and previous events how to become a member (and why!) and of course how you easily can contact us. As a member of this chapter you will be a part of a world wide network, which grants the ability to expand your knowledge in biotechnology, chemistry and interconnected studies, with the opportunity to meet people sharing your interest for biological and chemical engineering. Our student chapter is open for students as well as post docs, professors and anyone with interest.

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If you are interested in speaking at a lunch lecture or an open mic night please fill out the sign up form and we will get in contact with you.



On the 1st of december SBE has invited three guest speakers to talk about their scientific career choices in an open mic night. Here, you will be able to listen and ask question about their career paths, tips and tricks they have for you and much more!

Signing up is mandatory in order to attend the event! A link to the sign up form can be found below. Last day to sign up is the 30/11!
The three guest lecturers are:
- Björn Åkerman
- Ivan Miljakovic
- Tatsiana Lobovkina



Hi everyone!

On the 14th of septemer the election for the new SBE board will be held in KB. The event will start 17:00. Do not forget to apply through the google form linked bellow if you want to be part of the board for 20/21!

You can also join the meeting via Zoom.

Zoom link:

Fill in an application if you want to apply to the board 20/21!



Hi everyone!

The time has come to recruit a new board for SBE Student Chapter Chalmers 20/21 and for that purpouse we would like to welcome you all to an info meeting during lunch on Friday the 4th of September in F4051. During the meeting each of the current board members will tell you more about their role in SBE and you are most welcome to ask us any questions!

The event will be held on Zoom but you are able to swing by F4051 and ask us questions in person if you want to!

Zoom link:

Fill in an application if you want to apply to the board 20/21!


Infolunch + agar plate competition

Hi everyone! The time has come to recruit a new board for SBE Student Chapter Chalmers 19/20 and for that purpouse we would like to welcome you all to an info meeting during lunch Friday the 5th of April in KS1. During the meeting each of the current board members will tell you more about their role in SBE and you are most welcome to ask us any questions!

After the board presentations we will initiate a fun "agar plate" competition, where you will divide into teams and each team receive an agar plate. Then you will get a few minutes to find a surface of your choosing, that you think is full of microbes, and press the surface against you agar plate. Returning to KS1 we will collect your plates and store them properly to promote bacterial growth. On lunch, Wednesday the 10th of April you can come by the Chemistry Entrance to view the results. The coolest plate will be crowned winner and its group receive a nice prize!
You do not want to miss this!

Do you as a bachelor student have no clue about what master to take? Or do you as a master student struggle to find the right PhD position? Relax, we can help you find some inspiration and the right contacts!

Register here latest 20th of February:

Welcome to the annual Study Visit at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering the 26th of February! You will have the chance to speak to representatives of each of the four divisions:
- Food and Nutrition Science
- Industrial Biotechnology
- Systems- and Synthetic Biology
- Chemical Biology
and also visit the labs and venues of one of them.

The study visit will take about 1h & 15 min and the preliminary schedule is that we first meet in the Chemistry Entrance at 17 or the SysBio Kitchen at 17.15 (Floor 6). Then we will receive a brief presentation of each of the four divisions between 17.30-18.00. After that you will have the opportunity to visit a chosen division in smaller groups between 18.00-18.30 and ask questions to the division representatives. Fika will be served in the SysBio Kitchen, hope to see you there!

Are you curious about the cutting edge gene editing technology CRISPR/Cas9 and what research it can be applied to? Join us for an inspiring webinar lunch the 7th of February in KA together with Raphael Ferreira, a PhD student at the Systems & Synthetic biology Department at Chalmers. Raphael's work focuses mainly on developing novel CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tools for metabolic engineering purposes and he recently returned from a research visit at MIT, where CRISPR technologies was applied on cancer research.

Movie Night with SBE!

Join us for a fun & inspiring movie night on thursday 27/9 at 17.30 in 10:an, tenth floor in Chemistry Building. The theme for the night will be ethics in biotechnology and we will be watching the renowned Netflix original film Okja by South Korean director Joon-ho Bong.

Snax & Sodas will be provided by us, hope to see you there!

SBE x iGEM lunch lecture

Are you interested in biological and chemical engineering? Do you want to find out how to get involved in a cool engineering project or attend an inspiring open mic night? SBE Student Chapter Chalmers and iGEM will co-host a lunch seminar on September 12th in KE lecture hall and talk about their organisation and how you as a Chalmers student can get involved.

Free sandwiches, first come first served! Hope to see you all there:)

Meet & Greet BBQ with SBE

Come and hang out with the new board of SBE and learn more about what we do! If weather allows we will have a BBQ in Kemigården, if not we will order pizza and stay indoors. Everything will be provided by us, just come and have a great time:)

Applications for SBE board 2018/19 now open! (Deadline: 19 Apr 2018)

With spring the end of the mandate of the SBE board 2017/18 has arrived. It’s now time new motivated students take over the opportunity to lead SBE!
With this we are happy to announce the applications for the SBE board 2018/19 open.

You can apply here till April 19th after which we will let you know about the nominations for specific positions on the board.

On April 13 we will organise a barbecue mingle event where people interested in applying to the board can meet up with the current board and ask all possible questions. Everyone is welcome to join, though.

The annual meeting where the new board will be elected will be held in the evening of April 24. Every SBE member is most welcome to join the annual meeting to listen to the conclusive presentation about the year 2017/18 and also to vote for the new board.

The mandate of the new board starts officially on May 1 2018.
In case of any questions don’t hesitate to chat with us on Facebook or via

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Open Mic: Women in Biosciences and Bioengineering (20 Mar 2018)

As a team of five young women the SBE board this year cannot overlook the topic of women in biosciences and bioengineering. We understand even though we study and live in one of the best countries to be a female scientist and engineer at, there are unfortunately still many hurdles on the way.

If you want to hear about the journey of three great women in biotechnology, come and join our open mic on March 20!

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, a head of the Chemical Biology division, leads a research group focusing on metalloprotein mechanisms and protein misfolding and has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers. She is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and one of the six women under Chemistry until today.

Dina Petranovic Nielsen, an associate professor in molecular biology, leads a research group investigating cell aging and death using yeast as a model organism. In addition, her group studies biopharmaceutical production in yeast. Besides from being a teacher, supervisor and examiner at Chalmers, she is also a CEO of a non-profit organization Molecular Frontiers.

Sepideh H. Hagvall is an associate principal scientist at AstraZeneca and an adjunct professor at University of Skövde. Her research focuses on tissue engineering and translational science. She also supervises young scientists in the field.

Ps. We hope to see also many men in the audience as true equality, of course, lies in the hands of all.

Date: Tue 20 March 2018
Time: 17:30 – 19:00
Room: KS1 (Chemistry building)
* Light snacks and drinks will be served and the event is free of charge

Facebook Event Page

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